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Gardening Now – What to Do in the Garden This Month



Gardening Now – What to Do in the Garden This Month

The month of April is the most common time to start planting your garden. Many flowering plants are in bloom and will need regular watering and fertilizing. It is also a good time to apply chelated iron to plant roots to prevent chlorosis. The first step in fertilizing your garden is to add compost or mulch to your soil. If you have finished using the compost, move it to another location to make room for new material. The next step is to remove any remaining plants and debris from your garden. You can also add mulch to your gardens to retain moisture. To prevent weeds in the garden, weed control in the spring is the most important task.

Although it is still possible to plant spring bulbs in April, you should wait until the last frost date to ensure that they will be ready by the time the spring flowers emerge. You can plant summer bulbs in April a couple of weeks before the anticipated last spring frost date. You can also plant dried flowers such as globe amaranth, statice, and strawflower in the spring. While planting bulbs in April, be sure to check the dates on your calendar to ensure that you can actually plant them.

Luckily, most of the Southeast has a mild spring and summer weather in April. There is plenty of sunshine and rain, but not too much so that gardening becomes a drag. But remember that the weather in April is not always perfect. If you want to plant hollyhocks, be sure to stake them before they grow too large. Alternatively, you can plant warm-season vegetables and seedlings. Just be sure to start transplanting them as soon as the soil dries out.

In April, the weather is generally pleasant. Depending on the hardiness zone of your garden, you can plant the seeds you started indoors in April. If you’ve been waiting for a long time, you can also sow your seeds outdoors. While planting seeds indoors is still possible, you should wait until the nights are over 55 degrees before transplanting them outside. In addition, pruning roses will be easier in April than in spring, and you should do it as soon as the buds break.

Depending on your area, there are some other things you should do in April to get your garden going. In zone 6, you can start planting vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. In zone 7, you can also begin planting cool-season crops such as tomatoes and peas. You should also start a succession of perennials and prepare the soil for your flowerings in April. If you don’t want to plant a flowering plant, you can wait until late April, and then divide the rest.

The weather in April is unpredictable, so be careful when planting. It may be hot on some days, but it will be nice to work in your garden. The night temperatures should be at least 55 degrees F. The temperatures will vary, but they’re usually good for most types of gardening. You can start seeds in April as early as possible, as soon as they’re ready to germinate. In general, this will ensure that you have a healthy lawn.

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