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How to Grow Cantaloupe



How to Grow Cantaloupe

Plant cantaloupe seeds after the danger of frost is gone. They require warm soil and are best planted one to two feet apart. You can also grow them in containers. Cantaloupes can be grown vertically or on a trellis. They will sprawl, so you may want to use a trellis or stake to hold them in place. To grow cantaloupes vertically, you need to place a few seeds on each plant and space them three to four feet apart.

The cantaloupe bulb can be wrapped in pantyhose and left in a cool spot. It will mature in two weeks and will have a sweet, soft scent. When the fruit is mature, cut it off the stem and store it in a cool place until it is ready for harvest. You can also use it for cooking, as well as for making appetizers. To harvest, simply remove the stem from the cantaloupe plant and let it dry.

Plant cantaloupe seeds indoors two to three weeks after the last frost. The soil temperature must be 65 degrees or above. Once the ground reaches this temperature, the seedlings can be transplanted outdoors in a few weeks. The soil should be a nutrient-rich mix with a good drainage system. The plant should receive six hours of direct sunlight each day. In colder climates, the ground temperature should be 70 degrees.

Besides fertilizing, cantaloupe plants do not attract many pests. However, you must ensure that you use a weed-control product if you want to avoid problems later. The best way to prevent cantaloupes from being eaten is to mulch them regularly. Some growers even put Styrofoam plates underneath them. The old-timers knew better than we do. In the past, we used to see melons with rotten rinds.

Unlike their citrus cousins, cantaloupe plants need moist soil. The pH level of the soil should be around 6.5 to 7.5. They should be planted in biodegradable pots. A biodegradable container is the best option if you do not have enough space for them in your garden. If you decide to plant them in the ground, make sure to plant the seeds at least 18 inches apart.

Besides being easy to grow, cantaloupe is a tasty and delicious fruit to grow. The peak sugar content of the cantaloupe is the most important factor for its flavor. You can plant the fruit vines in a sunny location for maximum yield. A cantaloupe plant needs a good location to grow properly. Ideally, it should be planted in a well-drained, organic soil with good drainage.

After the seedlings have been planted in the garden, you can start preparing the soil for the plant. The soil should be around 70 degrees. Aside from the seeds, you can also plant cantaloupe vines directly in the garden. You can transplant them after the first fruits are ready. If you are growing cantaloupes in a garden, you should consider planting them in a location where there is enough room for them to spread.

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