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How to Sow Carrots in a Greenhouse



How to Sow Carrots in a Greenhouse

Carrots grow best when sown in rows that are two to three inches apart. After they are transplanted, the carrot plants will need to be sown again every two to three weeks. The final sowing should be done around midsummer. In order to grow the most prolific crop, you should rake the soil until it is a fine tilth. Sow the seeds one quarter inch deep. Space rows six inches apart. If they are small seeds, mix them with dry sand to help them germinate. Label the seedlings with the variety and the date of sowing.

After sowing, the soil should be loose and free of trash and rocks. Dig the soil to about an inch deep. It should be prepared to accommodate carrot seeds. Turn under any small pieces of plant material to enrich the soil. After sowing, place the carrots in rows about one to two feet apart. Make sure that the row is ridged so that they grow parallel to each other. The spacing should be between eight to twelve inches. Spread the seedlings evenly and work the soil into the beds.

Ensure that the soil is moist and loose when the seeds germinate. They should be lightly watered every week until their roots are ready. You should keep the soil well-drained between waterings. Aside from being able to harvest them as they grow, they can be stored for future use. Once they are harvested, you should store them in a damp place for several months. This will keep them fresh and prevent weeds from growing.

Carrots do well in partial shade and require six to eight hours of full sunlight each day. However, they will still grow and thrive in parts of shade. To reduce the stress, mulch the soil with sand or peat moss. Then, sow the seeds in the ground. If you wish to grow the carrots in containers, you must use a 12 inch pot. In addition to the pot, you must also make sure that the water is properly drained.

If you plan to grow carrots in your garden, you must test the soil. You can do this by contacting your county extension service. They will provide you with a soil sample and advice on the best ways to grow the carrots. During the planting period, a few inches of water is needed for the root system to grow. The carrot seeds should be covered with a layer of straw or shredded bark and sprinkled with water.

When sowing carrots, you need to prepare the soil for the plants. Dig down to a foot deep. Be sure to remove any large rocks, stones, and roots from the soil. In a heavy soil, you can plant carrots in a raised bed. The raised bed will allow you to control the soil composition and grow long roots. It will also help prevent green shoulders. Sowing your carrots in a raised bed is easy and safe.

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