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Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants That Are Non Toxic



Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants That Are Non Toxic

While there are many dog safe plants, some are more harmful than others. A few of the most toxic plants are snake plants, carnations, and ferns. Ingestion of snake plant saponins can cause diarrhea, drooling, and ruptured red blood cells. In addition, fennel is a popular houseplant, but it can kill a healthy adult. Read on to learn more about dog safe plants.

Succulents and other low-lying plants can be dangerous to dogs. The sharp pointy edges of some succulents can cut the tongue, esophagus, and stomach. Plants like Haworthia can be placed higher in the garden to protect your dog from injury. Haworthias are also high-up and out of reach, so your pet can’t get to them. The following plants are dog-safe:

African violets are a favorite among pet owners. They are very low-maintenance and safe for pets. Even the blooms are edible for some cultures. Prayer plant is also a dog-friendly houseplant, because it can handle low-light conditions. These plants can provide a wonderful display in a small area. While you’re looking for dog-safe plants, don’t overlook African violets. They have thousands of varieties and bloom all year long. Swedish ivy is a perennial plant with unique foliage and flowers.

Pineapple sage is another plant that is considered safe for dogs. Pineapple sage contains pink tubular flowers that attract hummingbirds, which makes it a great houseplant. Although this perennial is low-maintenance and easy to care for, be sure to keep your dog away from the leaves. The large leaves can cause oral irritation and may result in difficulty swallowing. So, be sure to read labels carefully when choosing a plant for your pet.

The banana plant is another dog-safe plant. This plant grows up to three feet and contains 1,000 species. It needs a good amount of light but is tolerant of light shade. This plant is also an air purifier. Finally, a spider plant is also a good choice for a dog-friendly houseplant. They grow well in a wide range of light conditions and do not require much water, but will not flourish in direct sunlight.

Some of the most common houseplants can be toxic to dogs. Make sure you know which plants are toxic before buying them to avoid giving your dog any trouble. Before you buy any plant, check its label online. If you’re uncertain, just avoid them or opt for something else. And if you can’t decide on a plant for your dog, think twice. And remember, dog safe plants are better for your garden! Just be sure to read product labels and guidelines carefully.

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