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Pruning Calendar – Useful Tips to Use a Pruning Calendar



A pruning calendar helps gardeners plan when to prune different types of plants. Pruning trees and shrubs at the wrong time can cause them to not flower for a year and may cause fungal spores to enter. For example, if you prune a buddleja tree too early, it may not send new growth or produce large flowers until the following year. Alternatively, pruning a hydrangea too early can result in disease or fungal spores entering the plant.

A pruning calendar uk can also help you prune shrubs at the right times. There are certain shrubs that don’t need any pruning at all. Others can be pruned at the correct time. Pruning evergreens, for example, should begin in mid-summer. This allows them to gain hardy growth before the colder months of winter. For many people, a pruning calendar is an indispensable garden tool. Here are some useful tips to use a pruning calendar:

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