The Best Gardening Podcasts – A List of the Best Vegetable Garden Podcasts

Gardening podcasts have become more popular, but how do you decide which one is right for you? This list of podcasts will give you the tips you need to start growing your own food. There are many different types of podcasts, from horticultural advice to how-to guides. No matter what type of gardening you’re into, you’ll find a podcast with information you need. If you’re not sure what to listen to, there are a few recommended options below.

Let’s Argue About Plants – The hosts of this show are horticultural experts with decades of experience. Their goal is to educate listeners about plants and plant care in a way that’s relevant and useful. Guests include landscape designer and certified arborist Fred Hower, who provides listeners with informative and entertaining tips and advice about gardening. In this podcast, they take listener questions and turn them into a lively discussion.

Gardeners podcast – The hosts of this podcast offer helpful information and advice about gardening. They include tips from famous horticultural figures and answer listeners’ questions. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, you’re sure to find something useful in this collection of short episodes. Regardless of your gardening experience, you’re sure to find something useful to learn on the podcast. If you’re new to gardening, consider downloading the podcasts to help you get started.

Still Growing – Unlike other gardening podcasts, this one is a weekly podcast that features gardening experts sharing tips and advice with listeners. The hosts, Linda and Graham Thorpe, bring their years of experience in sustainable gardening to the podcast. You’ll find a plethora of information on gardening in this free weekly podcast. You can even submit your own questions for the hosts to discuss. The episodes are available on iTunes for free.

Real World Gardener – The Real World Gardener podcast is hosted by the popular Australian show, which features gardening experts. The podcast includes tips for growing vegetables, growing fruits, and more. Featuring a variety of garden-related topics, it’s the perfect podcast for anyone interested in gardening. The Real World horticulturalists also share stories of the lives of hard-working flower farmers in the US. And they’re not just talking about gardening in Australia, either — this podcast features some of the most fascinating stories about plants from all over the world.

If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll love the Epic Gardening podcast. Each episode lasts ten minutes and features answers to questions from listeners. Its hosts are experts in hydroponics, and will answer questions from readers. In addition, there are several horticultural shows on the podcast that will teach you how to grow plants in your backyard. If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the show’s focus on this topic.