There’s no better way to bring some life into your home than by adding fresh greenery, and plant delivery services can help you get the job done without even having to leave your house. These services make shopping for indoor plants easy and convenient, as well as allow you to shop for outdoor potted plants online too. They also offer a variety of other benefits, including curbside pickup and in-person workshops.

Whether you’re looking for a tropical tree, a decorative pot or a succulent, here are our top picks for the best places to get your hands on unique plants delivered straight to your door.

Farmgirl Flowers

While this local flower company might be known for its burlap-wrapped bouquets, they’re equally as impressive when it comes to their houseplant collection. Their lineup of flora includes everything from a plant that looks like it’s sporting tousled tresses (bed head fern) to an aloe vera plant perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The online retailer offers free shipping on all plants, regardless of size, if you hit a certain dollar threshold, and also features an option to upgrade your order with add-ons like balloons, cards and chocolates if it’s being gifted to someone else. They also provide a real-time support system via Twitter, chat and email so that you can ask any questions you may have about the specific needs of your plants.

One of the cheapest options for buying and delivering live plants in America, this site provides a vast collection that’s easy to navigate by room (living, office, etc) and care level. You’ll find a wide range of indoor plants here, from ficus and snake plants to jade and aloe varieties, with prices starting at $16. And, if you’re in need of something a little more upscale, they also have a curated selection of pots that start at $70.

If you’re looking to support a smaller business, this Detroit-based company is worth checking out. Their plants ship directly from their greenhouses, so you can rest assured that they’ll arrive in pristine condition. Plus, their curated collections come in fun pots that match each individual plant’s name and type. They also include detailed guides on every product page with watering, repotting and fertilizing tips so that you can be the best possible plant parent.

Etsy is another excellent choice for supporting a small business, but you’ll want to take care in checking reviews as the quality and customer service can vary significantly from seller to seller. You’ll also want to keep in mind that these sites are essentially selling platforms made up of thousands of sellers, and returns can be tricky.

Another option to consider is the national online retailer 1-800 Flowers, which offers a solid collection of plant types and a quick turnaround for shipping. You’ll even get a warranty on your purchases, which gives you store credit for a replacement plant in the event that it suffers damage during shipment.

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