January is an important month in the garden, with a lot of chores that you need to do. It is a time of year when you need to make sure that your garden is prepared for the next growing season. You can also take advantage of this cold month to plant bare roots roses or fruit trees, or prune grape vines and clematis.

Garden Prep in January

This is a great time to do a lot of work inside the garden, such as getting your greenhouse or shed tidy and ordering seeds. It is also a good time to start writing down notes about everything from your vegetable rotations and new plants you want to try, to the structural changes you might like to make in your garden. You can use a gardening notebook or even write them down in your phone with a reminder that will ping up when you need to do it.

Winter Jobs in the Garden

This might not be something you do every year, but if your garden is suffering from any damage or disease, this is the time to treat it. You can apply a copper sulfate product to help with the control of some of the fungal diseases that might be present. This will help your garden stay healthy and avoid any damage that might result from diseases in the future.

Keep Your Greenhouse Clean During January

A clean greenhouse means that you can enjoy your plants without the worry of pests or diseases. It will also let more winter sunlight in, which is important to your plants as it helps them grow strong and healthy.

Get Your Seeds Ready for February

It is important to have fresh seeds on hand in January, as this is the earliest time that you can start planting them. This is the best time to begin sowing seeds for broccoli, cabbage and lettuce.

You can also start sowing a second crop of onions, garlic and shallots in this month. This will give you a few more months of vegetables to harvest before the main season starts.

Another task that is a must do in January is to plant strawberries. They are very easy to grow from bare root. They are much cheaper than potted transplants, and will generally out-perform color packs this late in the season.

What to Plant in the Garden This Month

In this month you can begin sowing a few of your cool-season crops, such as radishes, parsley and chives. You can also direct sow some flowers, such as pansies and primroses.

Some of your flowering perennials such as roses, lilies and daisies should also be planted this month. You can also consider starting some annual vegetables, such as fava beans and spinach.

Depending on your climate, this might be one of the earliest times that you can begin sowing a second crop of tomatoes and peppers. This will give you some fresh vegetables to eat, before the temperatures drop too low and prevent your tomato and pepper plants from growing.

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