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August Gardening Tips – Things to Do in the Garden in August



August Gardening Tips – Things to Do in the Garden in August

If you are planning to start your garden in August, you will want to know what to plant and when. Depending on where you live, August can be a very dry month. It is recommended to water your new plants every week to help them settle. Watering also helps activate water-retaining granules in the soil. Make sure to water baskets and containers as needed throughout the summer, but if you are not sure, do a finger test to find out. To avoid wasting time, start seedlings indoors in July and start transplanting them in August.

After the summer season ends, you should plant cool-season vegetables. Among these are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, mustard, lettuce, and kohlrabi. You can direct-seed any of these plants and keep them watered for the remainder of the summer. Biennials are good choices for August because they flower in the fall. These plants will last longer than annuals and will bloom in the spring.

Whether you grow tomatoes, peppers, or other vegetables, August gardening will keep you busy all month long. Many plants can be left alone in this time, but they still need care. The best way to do that is to deep-water plants and water slowly to encourage the roots to follow downward. To learn more about proper watering, visit the Oregon State University Extension Service website. In addition to fertilizing, be sure to keep pests at bay.

You can also grow flowers in August. Despite the hot weather, heat-resistant varieties are still in their prime. You can add colorful appeal to your yard by planting these plants in early summer. They are easy to grow and maintain and can even add a splash of color to your garden. However, you will need to know when to transplant them. This month is also the time for weeding, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

The end of the growing season is also the perfect time to weed your garden. You can start planting autumn-blooming bulbs, including the spider lily. Vegetables can also be sown now. If you haven’t done so, the time is right for staking your crops. You will be able to see the progress in the soil and enjoy the garden even more during the cooler months. The SF Bay Gardener has more detailed information and ideas on gardening in August.

Some plants may need extra water. In August, you should make sure to water your plants regularly. Remember that they need consistent moisture. You should also fertilize your garden with a balanced fertilizer and water at least an inch deep each week. For your shrubs and trees, remember to deep-water them once a week. You will want to give them extra attention now, too. The flower buds of rhododendrons and azaleas are setting for next year. You should also prune back immature plants and cut them back.