Best Places to Buy Seeds

If you want to grow your own organic or heirloom seeds, you can find them at major retail stores. Garden centers and health food stores offer specialized selections. A gift shop that focuses on food may carry a rack of Renee’s Garden seeds. In addition, independent health food stores may feature displays of regional seed companies. If you are a first-time grower, you can ask friends and family for recommendations.

If you’re looking for a great deal, you can get a great deal by purchasing your seeds from a company that has a mission. Seeds of Change, for example, donates funds to school gardening programs in the United States. Their efforts are credited with increasing gardening knowledge in schools. Some other seed companies have a mission as well, so you may want to check out their mission. If you’re new to organic gardening, consider purchasing your seeds from a company that has a mission in mind.

Moles Seeds – If you’re looking to start a vegetable or fruit garden, you can find a great selection of seeds at this online store. You can also buy duo packs, which combine complementary varieties to lengthen the harvesting season. They’re a great place to buy seeds for vegetables, because they’re a top seed merchant. In addition to providing a good selection of seeds, they also focus on current food trends. This makes them the perfect choice for gardeners with smallholdings or gardening clubs.

The Hudson Valley Seed Company – If you’re looking for a place to buy seeds for your garden, consider this company. The company offers a large selection of heirloom, organic, and conventional seeds. Not only do they carry a huge selection, but they also have seed packets featuring original art by artists across the country. These packets make beautiful gifts for gardeners. In addition to heirloom varieties, they are also GMO-free.

Kew Website – If you’re new to gardening, a great place to buy seeds is an online seed catalog. You’ll find numerous varieties, as well as prices at various price levels. You can also shop by reputation, and some seed websites may even offer free shipping. In addition to their variety of seeds, Kew’s website is well worth checking out for both price and reputation. You can even find seeds with a free shipping option if you order a certain amount.

Thompson & Morgan – If you’re in the UK, Thompson & Morgan’s is another great choice. The company started out in 1855 and regularly wins awards for their seed offerings. You’ll find a wide selection of flower, vegetable, and herb seeds, as well as bulbs and seeds. This retailer also carries some of the most beautiful and high-quality seed. The quality of their seeds is excellent and their prices are competitive as well.

Burpee – A seed catalogue with a rich history began as a poultry catalog and expanded its range of offerings the next year. Now, they have seeds for almost any plant imaginable. Johnny’s Selected Seeds – This company has been selling seeds for 50 years, starting with $500 in a New England farmhouse. Since then, the company has grown into a nationally respected plant breeding program that offers new varieties with improved yield, disease resistance, and hardiness. Johnny’s has even a seed starting calendar – all you need to stock your garden with fresh, delicious, and nutritious vegetables.