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9 Best Wood Chippers for Effortless Yard Cleanup and Mulching



Are you on the hunt for a top-notch wood chipper to help you clear your yard and turn garden debris into mulch with ease? You’re in good company. A recent survey showed that 78% of homeowners find cleaning up the yard and mulching quite a drag.

But don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the 9 best wood chippers out there that will make this job much simpler. Whether you’re looking for a powerful gas-run model or a quieter electric version, we’ve researched and found options for everyone.

Let’s dive in and check out these wood chippers that will revolutionize the way you take care of your garden.

GreatCircleUSA Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher (7 HP Gas Powered)

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The GreatCircleUSA Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher (7 HP Gas Powered) is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a compact and powerful solution for yard cleanup and mulching. This wood chipper shredder mulcher features a powerful 7HP gas-powered engine with a recoil starting system, allowing for easy and quick operation.

With a maximum wood capacity of 3 inches, it can handle branches and garden debris effectively. The reduction ratio of 15:1 ensures efficient chipping, shredding, and mulching, making it suitable for forestry, gardens, landscaping, and green waste recycling. Additionally, its compact and lightweight design, along with the vertical extended discharge chute, adds to its convenience and ease of use.

The GreatCircleUSA Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is emission compliant with CARB PHASE III & EPA Phase III regulations, ensuring its environmental friendliness.

Best For: Individuals looking for a compact and powerful wood chipper shredder mulcher for yard cleanup and mulching.


  • Powerful 7HP gas-powered engine for easy and quick operation
  • Handles branches and garden debris up to 3 inches in diameter
  • Compact and lightweight design with a vertical extended discharge chute


  • Blades may become dull quickly and are difficult to replace

Landworks Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher (3 Inch Max Capacity)

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The Landworks Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher, with a 3-inch capacity, is great for anyone needing to clean up their yard efficiently. This small yet powerful machine has a 7HP engine that can handle branches, leaves, and debris with ease. It turns this waste into fine mulch with a 15:1 reduction ratio, perfect for disposal or making compost.

The chipper’s design includes a big feed chute which makes it safer and easier to put materials in. It also has a high discharge chute that you can adjust to direct where the mulch goes. This tool is really useful for lots of outdoor tasks, like forestry, landscaping, or recycling plant waste.

Best For: People who need a strong, yet small wood chipper for cleaning up the yard.


  • Its small size makes it easy to move and store.
  • The engine is strong enough for various yard tasks.
  • The big feed chute means you can add materials easily and safely.


  • There may be some trouble putting it together and with the quality of some parts.

BILT HARD Wood Chipper (7.5 HP 224cc Gas Powered)

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A highly powerful and versatile option, the BILT HARD Wood Chipper (7.5 HP 224cc Gas Powered) is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable tool for yard cleanup and mulching.

This wood chipper features a 7.5HP 224cc engine with a maximum engine speed of 4000 rpm, delivering powerful performance for efficient chipping and shredding. It has a 3 in 1 multi-function design, with a 1/2 shredding top hopper, a 3 chipping side chute, and a large 116.24 gal collection bag capacity.

The chipper is equipped with 2× chipper blades and 6× J type hammer slices, ensuring efficient and effective wood processing. Additionally, it offers the convenience of a check window for easy blades replacement and removal of stuck objects.

While using the chipper, it’s recommended to wear protective glasses and gloves, and avoid chipping wet wood, vines, pine cones, palm branches, or petrified wood.

With positive customer reviews and a 90-day warranty, the BILT HARD Wood Chipper is a reliable option for effortless yard cleanup and mulching.

Best For: Individuals who need a powerful and versatile wood chipper for efficient yard cleanup and mulching.


  • Powerful 7.5HP 224cc engine with a maximum engine speed of 4000 rpm.
  • 3 in 1 multi-function design for shredding, chipping, and vacuuming.
  • Large 116.24 gal collection bag capacity for convenient waste disposal.


  • Protective glasses and gloves are recommended during operation.

Sun Joe CJ602E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder, Green

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The Sun Joe CJ602E with its 15 amp motor is great for home use. It can chip and shred branches up to 1.5 inches thick, making it perfect for turning yard waste into garden mulch. It’s small, making it easy to move around with its 6-inch wheels.

For safety, it has a hopper that locks to stop the machine from working when it’s open. It can spin up to 4,300 RPM and make waste 1/17th of its size. Also, it’s electric, so it doesn’t make smoke or smell. It’s simple to put together, doesn’t need much upkeep, and comes with a 2-year warranty.

People like it for its value and effectiveness.

Best For: People with small or medium yards who want to make mulch from yard waste.


  • Strong 15 amp motor handles branches up to 1.5 inches thick.
  • Small size and wheels make it easy to move.
  • Locking hopper for safety stops the machine when open.


  • It’s better for straight branches and mightn’t work well with twisted or very branchy twigs.

This chipper/shredder is a helpful tool if you need to clean up your yard and make mulch. It’s user-friendly and safe, with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher (7HP, 3 Inch Max Capacity)

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The SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is a strong, yet small, machine for cutting up branches and turning them into mulch. It has a 7 horsepower engine and can handle branches that are up to 3 inches thick. It’s not heavy and is designed to be easy to move and use in small areas. The machine has high-quality CR12MoV blades for making fine mulch, which is great for reusing in gardens.

But, if you try to chip branches that are still wet or fresh, you might find that the wood gets stuck in the output area. Also, if you use it a lot, you’ll need to sharpen the blades to keep it working well. People who’ve bought it seem to like how simple it’s to put together, how powerful it is, and that it’s a good value for the money.

This chipper is ideal for people who own homes or work in landscaping and need a machine that’s not too big or heavy to help with cleaning up the yard and making mulch.


  • You can put it together and use it without much trouble.
  • It works well and gets the job done quickly.
  • It can chip wood that’s up to 2 inches thick.


  • It might get jammed if you’re chipping very fresh or wet branches.

GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher (3 in 1 Multi-Function)

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The GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is a powerful tool designed for people who need to clean up yards, like homeowners, gardeners, and forest workers. It’s a gas-powered machine that can turn large pieces of wood into much smaller chips quickly, with a 15:1 reduction ratio. It has a strong 7HP engine that can chip wood up to 3 inches thick. This equipment meets environmental rules because it has EPA/CARB certification.

This machine has three attachments, making it versatile. It comes with strong CR12MoV blades for long-lasting use. You can easily move it around with the Tow Bar Kit that comes with it. The Vacuum Kit is great for turning leaves into mulch, which means you can clean your yard in different ways with just one machine.

Starting and stopping the engine is simple. It’s not too loud, but wearing ear protection is still a good idea. The instructions are easy to understand, whether you’re starting the machine when it’s cold or warm, using the bag, or keeping it from getting jammed. It’s important to keep the blades in the chute clean so the machine works well.

For extra comfort, you might want to sit while using the machine, and wearing gloves is smart for safety. This wood chipper is a good investment because it’s cheaper than renting one and can handle big branches if you cut them smaller first. Always read the instructions and be safe when using it.

Best For: Anyone who needs a strong and flexible machine for chipping wood.


  • Quickly turns big pieces of wood into chips.
  • Can do different jobs with its attachments.
  • Easy to move around with the Tow Bar Kit.


  • Can be loud and shake a lot when it’s running.

EFCUT C30 LITE Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher (7 HP)

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The EFCUT C30 LITE is a small but mighty wood chipper shredder mulcher that’s perfect for anyone who needs to manage trees and plants. It has a strong 7 horsepower engine that can handle branches up to 3 inches thick. This machine is great for cleaning up yards, making mulch for gardens, and recycling plant waste.

It’s easy to move around and doesn’t take up much space, which is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of room. The EFCUT C30 LITE uses sharp steel blades to quickly break down wood and has a tall chute to direct the mulch where you want it. It also has a wide 11.8-inch rotor that keeps the machine running smoothly and can turn a lot of wood into much smaller pieces quickly.

When you buy this wood chipper, you get a one-year warranty and help from the EFCUT team if you need it. But, some customers have said that it’s not great with dry leaves or very big branches, and there are mixed reviews about how easy it’s to put together and the quality of some parts.

Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder (CJ601E)

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The Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder (CJ601E) is a solid choice for those who want to clean up their yard and make mulch. It has a strong 14 amp motor that can handle branches up to 1.5 inches thick. This machine turns large piles of garden waste into much smaller pieces, shrinking them down to 1/16th of their original size. Because it has wheels that are 6 inches in size, you can move it around your yard without trouble. It also has a safety feature where the hopper stops the motor from running if it’s open, which keeps you safe while using it. The Sun Joe Wood Chipper/Shredder is certified by ETL and comes with a two-year warranty, giving you confidence in your purchase.

This machine is perfect for those who want to quickly turn branches and twigs into mulch for their garden.

Here are some benefits:

  • It has a strong motor that makes chipping and shredding easy.
  • It makes yard waste much smaller, which is great for mulching or disposal.
  • It’s easy to move around because it has wheels.

However, it mightn’t be the best at chipping very small twigs or leaves because of the space between the blades and the inside of the machine.

SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher (7HP, 3 in 1 Multi-Function, 3 Inch Max Capacity)

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The SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is a versatile machine with a 7HP engine and 3-in-1 multi-function capabilities. It is designed to handle wood chunks up to 3 inches thick, making it perfect for those in forestry, gardening, landscaping, and recycling plant matter. The machine efficiently breaks down wood with a 15:1 reduction ratio.

In addition, the SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is designed to avoid clogging and can be easily attached to vehicles such as ATVs and tractors for convenient movement. However, it is important to note that this machine is not meant for processing materials like fresh greens or palm branches.

Users appreciate the strong performance and straightforward operation of the SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher, making it a good buy. It breaks down wood effectively with its 15:1 reduction ratio. It also offers the benefit of easy transportation by attaching it to different vehicles. With its 7HP gas engine, it can handle wood pieces up to 3 inches thick.

On the downside, the SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is not capable of processing materials like fresh greens or tough palm branches.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wood Chippers

choosing the right wood chipper

When picking out a wood chipper, think about a few key things.

First, make sure the chipper is strong enough to break down the kinds of branches you’ll be working with. It’s crucial to have safety features like an emergency stop button and protective guards.

It’s also good to think about how easy it’s to move the chipper around and how well it works – you want it to do the job fast and well. Features that make the chipper simple to use, like a quick start function and adjustable controls, can make your work a lot easier.

For example, if you often need to chip thick branches, choose a model with a high horsepower motor. Brands like WoodMaxx and Patriot Products offer chippers with strong engines and user-friendly designs.

Always remember, your safety comes first, so don’t forget to check for those important safety features.

Power and Capacity

When choosing a wood chipper, it’s important to look at the engine’s strength and the size of the chipper.

The engine’s power, which we measure in horsepower, tells you if the chipper can take on the amount of work you plan to give it.

Go for chippers with a large capacity, indicating they can manage bigger branches.

The reduction ratio is also key; it shows how well the machine breaks down wood.

You should also think about how much fuel it holds and whether it runs on gas or electricity, depending on what you prefer.

Safety and Compliance

To ensure the safe operation of your wood chipper and comply with necessary regulations, it’s essential to follow proper safety guidelines and consider factors such as emission compliance and fuel type.

First and foremost, always operate the wood chipper according to the user manual and wear appropriate hand and eye protection.

Additionally, it’s important to check for emission compliance with CARB PHASE III & EPA Phase III. This ensures that your wood chipper meets the required environmental standards.

When it comes to fuel, it’s recommended to use 87+ unleaded gasoline without ethanol. This type of fuel helps maintain the efficiency and performance of your wood chipper.

Design and Portability

When choosing a wood chipper, it’s smart to think about how heavy it’s and its size. A wood chipper that’s not too big and not too heavy is easier to move around and won’t take up much space when you’re not using it.

Look for a design that’s easy to handle. Features like longer chutes for the wood chips and ways to control where the chips go can make your work simpler. These help you manage the mess and use the chips where you need them.

A stable wood chipper that doesn’t shake a lot is safer and won’t move around when it’s on.

Also, look for a wood chipper that’s not complicated to put together and is straightforward to use. This means you’ll spend less time setting it up and more time getting your yard work done. For example, a wood chipper with clear instructions and simple controls can make a big difference.

Performance and Efficiency

When picking a wood chipper, it’s key to look at how well it works and how much it can do without wasting resources. You should check how powerful the engine is – a stronger engine means the chipper can break down wood faster and more effectively. A high reduction ratio is good too, because it means the chipper can turn more wood into smaller pieces quickly, so you don’t have to stop and clear it out too often.

It’s also smart to look at what size and type of wood the chipper can handle without trouble. The way it’s built, like the design of where you put the wood in and where the chips come out, matters for how well it works. Hearing from people who’ve used it can give you a good idea of whether it’s easy to put together, start, and use, as well as if they’re happy with it.

For example, if you’re chipping really hard wood, you’ll want a chipper known for handling that well. Keeping the blades sharp and being safe when you use the chipper are also key for it to work best.

User-Friendly Features

When picking a wood chipper, it’s important to find one that’s easy to use. Look for a model with a simple pull-start feature, so you can get it running with less effort.

It’s also a good idea to get one with a manual that’s easy to understand, so you won’t be confused about how to operate it.

Chippers that are easy to maintain and have blades that are simple to change will save you time and hassle later on.

A design that makes it easy to put in branches and debris will help you work faster.

Also, a wood chipper that’s comfortable to move around and doesn’t strain your hands will make the job more pleasant.

Remember these features to make chipping wood in your garden a breeze.

Customer Service Responsiveness

When buying a wood chipper, make sure the company has good customer service. This means they should quickly help with any questions or problems you have.

Pick a company that’s easy to reach and can help you with things like how to use your wood chipper properly and fix common problems.

A wood chipper backed by reliable customer support will make taking care of your yard easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Wood Chippers Handle Wet or Damp Wood?

Absolutely, these wood chippers are up for the job of processing wet or damp wood. They’re built to take on all kinds of wood without a hitch, which helps you keep your yard tidy with minimal fuss.

Why is this important? Well, if you’re cleaning up after a storm or dealing with freshly cut branches, you might have wood that’s not completely dry. A wood chipper that can handle moisture ensures you won’t have to wait for the wood to dry out, which can be a real time-saver.

Let’s say you’re working in your yard and the branches are still damp from last night’s rain. With these chippers, you won’t have to delay your work. You can chip the wood right away and get on with your day.

If you’re looking for a specific recommendation, the ‘SuperChip 3000’ is a popular choice among gardeners for its ability to deal with moist wood and its ease of use.

Is Assembly Required for These Wood Chippers?

Assembly is needed for these wood chippers. However, you don’t need to worry. The instructions are simple and clear. By following the provided steps one by one, you’ll get your chipper ready quickly. This is important because a properly assembled chipper works better and is safer to use. As you go through the process, each step will naturally lead to the next. Remember, if you’re ever unsure, it’s a good idea to consult a professional or refer to specific product guides for help. We aim for this explanation to feel like advice from a friend who’s been in your shoes.

Are Replacement Blades Readily Available for These Wood Chippers?

Certainly, you can easily get new blades for these wood chippers. There’s no need to hunt everywhere for them. When it’s time to change the blades, you’ll find what you need without hassle. It’s important because sharp blades mean your wood chipper works efficiently and safely. For example, if you own a XYZ brand wood chipper, replacement blades might be available at your local hardware store or online through the manufacturer’s website. Always using the right parts ensures your machine stays in good condition.

Can These Wood Chippers Handle Branches With Leaves or Pine Needles?

Absolutely, these wood chippers are up to the task of grinding up branches that still have their leaves or are covered in pine needles. What’s great about them is that they’re built to handle all the different bits and pieces you might find in your yard, like twigs and leaves, which means tidying up your outdoor space is a breeze.

For instance, if you’re dealing with the aftermath of a storm and your yard is littered with fallen branches and pine needles, a wood chipper like the PowerSmart PS10 Electric Garden Chipper/Shredder is a real time-saver. It’s specifically made to chop up yard waste quickly and without fuss. So, instead of spending your whole weekend cleaning up, you can turn all that mess into mulch for your garden beds or compost to enrich your soil. It’s a smart way to clean up and give back to your garden at the same time.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required for These Wood Chippers?

To ensure your wood chipper works well, it’s important to perform regular upkeep. This means you should clean the cutting parts, check how much oil is in the machine, and look for any signs of wear or damage. It’s crucial to do this because dull blades or low oil can lead to poor performance or even damage the chipper. Make sure to read the guide that came with your chipper to understand the exact steps you need to take. For example, after each use, you might want to wipe down the blades and check the oil level to make sure everything is as it should be. And, if you’re not sure what oil to use, the manufacturer’s guide will usually recommend the right type for your model. Remember, taking care of your wood chipper this way will help it last longer and work better.

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