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Easy Herbs and Vegetables to Grow



Easy Herbs and Vegetables to Grow

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own fresh herbs, you’re not alone. Herb gardens are easy to grow and will add tons of flavor to your food. Not to mention that growing your own herbs reduces the need for salt in your cooking. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types and their easy-to-grow characteristics. You can find a herb garden that meets your needs and enjoys a great climate.

While different herbs have different needs, most of them prefer a rich, moist, and moderately fertile soil. The pH level should be between six and seven, and you should be able to add a liquid micronutrient fertilizer to make them thrive. Herbs don’t like soil that’s too dense or too dry. You should also be sure to place your herb garden away from windows and other structures, as the sunlight can be too direct.

Another easy-to-grow herb is mint, which can be grown indoors. Keep the soil evenly moist and harvest when the stalks are 5-6 inches high. Mint’s mint-like foliage can also be grown as a groundcover in containers. It’s a good choice for confined spaces. Several varieties of mint are easy to grow. In addition to mint, other herbs can be grown indoors too, including basil.

Other easy to grow herbs include thyme, sage, and basil. These herbs are not only great for cooking, but they’re also excellent groundcovers. Depending on the type you choose, you can use them in countless dishes. Some herbs like parsley can even be grown from seedlings. They need adequate moisture and sunlight, and are slow to germinate. Once you’ve found an herb that you like, you can start growing it!

Another herb that’s easy to grow is chives. This plant thrives indoors, and is best grown in containers near a sunny window. It grows to a height of about 12 inches and spreads about a foot. Mint is another easy-to-grow herb, and there are several different types of mint. They can be used in many different dishes, and their fragrant flowers are a beautiful addition to salads.

Thyme is another easy herb to grow. This annual herb has a bitter taste, but can be harvested when you’re ready to use it. It’s a great flavor for salads, soups, and roasted meats, and is a good addition to teas and cocktails. Thyme is also relatively low-maintenance. You can grow it indoors or out, depending on your climate. You can harvest it anytime between April and July.

Herbs such as parsley are best grown in pots, as they don’t grow fast. Mint prefers moist soil and will transplant well. Thyme can also grow in pots. The soil needs to be well-draining. The best soil for growing herbs is a combination of organic and nutrient-rich soil. Once you’ve got a spot in your home, plant your herbs and enjoy your delicious homemade food.