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Fall Garden Care and Fall Garden Maintenance Checklist



Fall Garden Care and Fall Garden Maintenance Checklist

If you live in the north, fall in the garden is the time to start protecting your plants from the cold weather. The ground will freeze over by December. In the southern regions, however, fall in the garden is an ideal time to plant and tend to your plants. In addition to providing protection against the cold, fall is also a great time to engage in vigorous physical activity and garden. Here are some tips to help you enjoy fall in the garden this season.

Start with your garden’s vegetable plants. You can start planting early root vegetables and leafy greens. Your tomato plants should be hardened off by December. Your flower plants can benefit from moist conditions. In addition, you can start planting cool-season vegetables in the low desert, where temperatures are slightly lower than in higher-altitude regions. Cool-season vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, and kale can be planted in these areas.

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