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Gardening Jobs For January – What to Do in the Garden in January



january in the garden

Gardening Jobs For January – What to Do in the Garden in January

With the new year fast approaching, now is the time to make plans for your garden. Make a wish list of the plants that you want to grow. After making the list, research the planting times and conditions for each plant. Once you have an idea of which plants you would like to grow, you can start planning the rest of your garden. And once you’ve finished your wish list, you can start your garden transformation!

Although the winter months aren’t the best time to plant, you can still get a jump on the season by replanting. Now is the time to plant trees, flowers and even fruit. These early plantings will give your plants a better chance of establishing themselves by the dry winter. You can also start seeds indoors in a garden shed and transplant them in the spring. A new tree will give your garden a fresh new look and scent.

Plant bare roots of new trees and shrubs while the weather is still decent. Scent your winter garden with some fragrant bushes. Remember that garden birds are active all winter, so make sure that your bird table is free of snow and ice and that your bird feeders are stocked. Cut back old hellebore leaves to reveal new blooms. Cutting back the stems will make them more visible and help you cast the January blues away!

Planting bare-rooted trees and shrubs is easier in January than in most other months of the year. In addition, you can prune gooseberry bushes and currant bushes while it’s still warm enough. And don’t forget to clean out your greenhouse! All of this will help you get your garden ready for the spring growing season! And don’t forget to plan your activities for the year ahead!

Begin planting your seeds in January. Some seeds can be planted outdoors in a cold frame. Others should be transplanted in row covers or in a cold frame. During January, you can even start planting the seeds of your favorite fruit trees. However, it’s best to wait until the ground is warm before you can plant them outside. If you are unsure of when to plant a particular flower, you should wait until the ground reaches the right temperature to plant.

You can also plant new plants. Snap peas and English peas are excellent choices that grow well during the winter. And if you’d like to plant something else, go for it. It’s easy to start a new crop in January and then move on to another one a month later. And, most importantly, remember to enjoy the garden. It’s not only good for your health but it is also good for your health.

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