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Gardening Tips For January – What to Do in the Garden in January



Gardening Tips For January – What to Do in the Garden in January

As January draws to a close, consider making a gardening wish list. Start with a simple list of the plants you want to grow, and then do your research on when to plant each plant and what conditions they prefer. Once you’ve made a list, you’ll be able to turn it into a plan for the coming season. Then, start getting work done in your garden! Here are some gardening tips to help you get started:

Plant celery, parsley, leeks, onions, and peppers early in the month. Seedlings of these vegetables can be sown indoors. However, they need a bit of extra time to grow. Plant cool-season cole crops mid-January or February. These crops will take eight to ten weeks to grow. Plant bare-root strawberries in January, when available at nurseries. Fruit trees can also be planted during January.

If you want to plant perennial plants, consider Heuchera. This flowering plant is perennial and a reliable color-adder. Its flowers will last through the winter and into spring. The color-packed flowers will keep you satisfied even when the weather is cold and grey. If you’re looking for something to grow inside the house, try houseplants. In the winter, you’ll be glad to have a plant that provides color and structure all year round.

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