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How Far Apart to Plant Vegetables in a Raised Bed?



How Far Apart to Plant Vegetables in a Raised Bed?

While there are many advantages to block planting, it is important to remember that the benefits are not limited to a square foot of space. Many plants need more space than just one square foot. Generally, two feet between plants is the best spacing for optimal growth and air circulation. Some plants are better suited to square foot gardening than others, though. For instance, you should avoid using square foot gardening for perennials, as they need more space. If you’re planning to plant perennials in your garden, you need to be sure to plan ahead for the space.

Another benefit to block planting is that it can take advantage of wasted space. Block planting is a great way to maximize the space in a small garden. This method works well with concrete blocks, bricks, and wooden blocks. Block planting is a low-maintenance method, and because most veggies fit into one square, they are easier to care for and can be harvested earlier. Plus, planting vegetables in blocks can help prevent weeds from taking over.

Good intermingling is important for creating a balanced planting. Intermingling plants can create intricate combinations with fine-textured foliage and detailed leaves. In contrast, monocultural planting is fairly easy to design and maintain. Intermingling can also lead to an undifferentiated look with one dominant species. If you don’t plan accordingly, your plants will look out of balance. Aim for a wide range of varieties to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

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