How Is Mint Grown?

Mint is an easy-to-grow herb with a wide range of culinary uses. It can be eaten fresh or dried, added to tea, and even used in cocktails. It is also a natural air freshener and has a fragrant aroma that can help reduce stress and improve mood. It can be planted in a container or as a ground cover.

Best Compost for Mint

When planting mint plants, use a good quality potting soil or aged compost. It should be rich in organic matter and well drained. Avoid using peaty or clay-based potting soils, as these can encourage fungal growth and root rot. A nutrient-rich slow-release fertilizer is recommended for best results.

Best Potting Soil for Mint

When growing mint in containers, it’s a good idea to use unglazed clay pots with plenty of drainage holes and a high-quality potting soil. Ensure that the pot is large enough to allow for plenty of room for a healthy, fully-developed mint plant. Water regularly but never allow the soil to dry out completely.

Fertilizer for Mint Plants

Since mint is a perennial, it needs to be mulched with a thick layer of well-rotted compost every year. This will keep the soil moist and prevent weeds.

It is also helpful to add a layer of shredded newspaper or shredded cardboard to the soil as it helps retain moisture and discourages weeds from germinating. For best results, fertilize the soil with a slow-release, nitrogen-rich, water-soluble plant food that is suitable for your mint’s specific needs. Apply fertilizer in the spring before new growth begins or early in the fall.

Garden Mint Outdoors

When gardening outdoors, grow mint in a pot or in a separate area away from other crops, as it can quickly spread and outcompete other garden plants. If you choose to garden it in the ground, bury the pot at least 6 inches deep, and mulch with a light layer of soil to prevent it from stealing nutrients from nearby vegetables.

How Fast Does Mint Grow?

Mint will take a few years to develop into a robust plant. As long as it gets plenty of sun and regular water, it should be able to thrive. It should be trimmed back to ground level in autumn and mulched with well-rotted compost in spring to keep it healthy throughout the year.

How to Plant Mint:

The most common way to plant mint is by putting it in a pot. This method is very popular because it is easy to maintain and is close to the kitchen where you will be using it.

To plant, cut a rooted sprig from the stem or sprout a seedling, then place it in a prepared pot that is about 12 to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep. If planting multiple seedlings, space them at least 6 inches apart.

If you are unable to find a rooted sprig or seedling, it is possible to grow mint from cuttings. These can be taken from the mother plant or a young plant at the nursery. To do this, remove all but the bottom leaves and cut a healthy-looking stem four to six inches long.