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Plants For Bird Bath Planter Ideas



Plants For Bird Bath Planter Ideas

If you are looking for different plants for bird baths, you can buy a cracked birdbath at a yard sale. Plants with short roots and succulents make good choices for these containers. Be sure to choose a potting mix for your chosen plants. When planting succulents, use cactus mix. It is best to place your birdbath in partial shade so the water evaporation is slow. Also, check to see if the water level is sufficient. If not, it can saturate the roots of the plant.

Various succulents make great plants for birdbaths. Carolina moonseed, for example, has yellow, purple, or pink flowers that look attractive against the bluebird’s white wings. You can also plant Virginia creeper or trumpet creeper, both with beautiful foliage. All of these plants grow well in USDA plant hardiness zones six through nine. Although some may grow well in cooler climates, some varieties will thrive in hotter areas.

Another great plant to use for birdbaths is weeping myoporum. This large shrub grows well in part shade. Its white flowers attract insects. Dwarf conifers are also suitable plants for birdbaths because they require minimal maintenance and are relatively small. The best dwarf conifers are Jervis dwarf Canadian hemlock, Mont Bruno boxwood, and lime glow juniper. Dwarf conifers can also serve as perches for birds.

To fill a birdbath with flowers, you can use rocks, miniature artifacts, and even flowers. Don’t forget to put some herbs in your bird bath as well. This way, you will have a variety of herbs to use in cooking and other endeavors. This is especially helpful in winter months when cold temperatures threaten to kill your plants. The plants are not limited to flowers, but the variety you choose can be as diverse as your imagination.

Birds are natural feeders and will flock to a birdbath for water. Birds love water and food, so be sure to keep several bird feeding dishes nearby. Different species of birds like different heights and sizes of the bird feeders. You can buy a high-quality hypertufa bird feeder from a garden center. In addition to feeding birds, you can also place hummingbird feeders, suet feeders, and platform feeders.

Another type of plant that attracts birds is a flowering hedge. It offers cover, food, and shelter for birds. If your birds are able to find two of these, they are likely to stay in your yard. This type of hedge or windbreak can also act as a birdbath. And the shrubs are an excellent source of food and shelter. So, when planting your birdbath, consider planting a variety of flowers and shrubs that are attractive to birds.

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