Top Lawn Care Tips For 2019

Whether you’ve always wanted a manicured lawn or have a small patch of grass that looks dingy, you’re probably not alone. Many homeowners wish to improve the appearance of their lawns at least annually. In fact, the best time to start improving your lawn is during the new year, when you’re able to make some fresh changes. Here are a few tips for lawn care in 2019 to make your landscape look its best!

Regular lawn maintenance is crucial, but it can be challenging to keep it green and healthy year-round. The top lawn care tips will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and lush. You should check your lawn every week for weeds and other pests, and take action as soon as you notice any problems. Small weeds, such as aphids, can be easily removed by hand. Aerating the soil regularly is another important tip for maintaining your lawn.

Keeping your lawn aerated is crucial during hot weather. Keeping air flowing around grass blades encourages transpiration, which is the horticultural equivalent of perspiration. This is a natural way for plants to cool down. Putting picnic rugs, dog toys, and other items on the lawn will disrupt the cooling process of the grass. Also, be sure to pick up anything left on your lawn after playing on it.

In dry periods, make sure you water your lawn at least once a week. If you have a fine lawn, you should consider using a sprinkler to reduce water evaporation. Also, make sure you move your seep hoses about 20 cm (8 inches) every half hour to reduce water loss. If you’re in doubt, aerate your lawn regularly to get a healthier, greener lawn in the long run.

Compacted soil is another common problem for many homeowners. Compacted soil means that small patches of soil are tightly packed together. This prevents oxygen and water from reaching the roots, which results in the lawn being less healthy than the rest of the lawn. Ideally, your lawn will have good drainage throughout, but it can also become compacted due to improper soil management. Adding a layer of mulch can improve your lawn’s health and provide the nutrients and air your lawn needs.

Another mistake is to water your lawn too often. Watering your lawn in the evening can result in excessive moisture, which can promote lawn disease. For best results, water your lawn two to three times per week. The timing of watering will depend on the season. If it’s a dry season, water it in the morning as the sun doesn’t have the strength to penetrate moist soil. In addition, make sure to consider the soil type and how much water your lawn needs.

Another top lawn care tip is to aerate your lawn. Aeration can improve the soil’s ability to absorb water and encourage strong root growth. Aerating your lawn twice a year, in spring and autumn, is essential. Make sure to use a garden fork to wiggle the soil, as well as other tools like a lawn aerator. Water deeply to keep your lawn healthy and lush.