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How to Decorate Walls With Planters From IKEA



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How to Decorate Walls With Planters From IKEA

One of the easiest ways to decorate a room with plants is by adding planters. IKEA’s Botanisk collection has various designs to choose from and is a great option for indoor gardeners. This line of products is made by artisans in Thailand, Romania, India, and the U.S. to help them provide employment for the community. There is also a huge selection of hanging planters and other decor pieces.

These wooden planters are made from recycled wood, which makes them perfect for indoor use. You can paint or distress them to fit your decor. Then, line the inside with a beautiful rug from IKEA. This inexpensive way to decorate your walls is sure to impress friends and family. Try one of these unique ideas and see how easy it is. You can even make them yourself! If you don’t have the time to create a customized planter, try a ready-made one from IKEA.

Another great way to decorate a room with plants is to add an IKEA VARIERA box. These little planters are great for succulents, which are the most common indoor plant. Bamboo boxes are especially great for succulents, and you can fill them with colorful plants. You can also use a wooden stool as a plant stand by turning it into a plant stand by using Cricut adhesive foil. Aside from transforming your IKEA wall-mounted planter, you can also transform your wooden stool into a unique decorative object.

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