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How to Grow Fennel in Your Yard Or Garden

The fennel plant is a perennial herb in the carrot family. It has feathery leaves and yellow flowers. It is native to the Mediterranean shores, but has since become widespread around the world. It thrives on sandy, dry soil near the sea-coast or riverbanks. Its fragrant fragrance has earned it a place in the culinary repertoire. If you have a yard or garden, you should consider growing fennel.

Fennel bulbs can be easily grown from seed. They are usually planted in mid- to late spring, and can be planted in pots or modules. It is best to plant the bulbs one seed per small pot, as each bulb is relatively shallow. If you are transplanting a fennel plant from another location, thin the seeds to 12 inches apart and water them frequently to reduce the risk of bolting. Depending on the location of your new fennel plant, you can even grow it in containers.

When you’re ready to plant your fennel plants, you can start with the seeds. If you’re planting the seeds outdoors, make sure to place them at least 12 inches apart. The soil surrounding the seeds should be light enough to avoid bruising the seeds. If you’re planning to transplant the entire plant, you can also cover it with row cover to protect the seedlings from cold weather. After the fennel plants have sprouted, you can transplant the entire plant into a container.

The fennel plant should be grown from seed. The seeds have a semi-flat or round shape. They come in baby and full size varieties. You can start seedlings directly outdoors or start them indoors. However, the plants don’t do well in shady conditions and need full sunlight. You can also use an organic fungicide to combat powdery mildew. If you decide to try growing fennel in your home, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Aside from providing a delicious aroma for your kitchen, fennel plants need good soil. In general, fennel plants like full-sun locations, but they can tolerate partial shade. It is also recommended to water the sprigs with a liquid-based fertilizer to promote growth. A fennel plant needs regular fertilization to remain healthy. The fennel bulb should be moist enough to grow properly.

The fennel plant is easy to grow in containers. To get the best results, start a fennel seedling in a container. The seeds should be sown in a free-draining potting mix. You should give it sufficient room to grow, otherwise you might have to deal with a few weeds. If you want to grow fennel in a container, a small pot is ideal.

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