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The Best Scented Herbs For Your Windowsill



scented herbs

The Best Scented Herbs For Your Windowsill

There are many benefits to using scented herbs, and many people do not realize how easy they are to grow.

Herbs can thrive in sunny windowsills and are easy to maintain.

The following list includes a few popular herbs that have a pleasant aroma. Before purchasing any of these plants, make sure to smell them and see which one appeals to you. It’s not always possible to find an herb that you will love.

Lemon basil

This herb is a favorite of mine. It makes an excellent pesto and goes great with seafood. You can grow it in the garden for its fragrance, as well. It requires a good deal of sun and can grow in areas with at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day.

Also, lemon basil is a great addition to any seafood dish, and it will make a beautiful pesto. This herb needs a lot of direct sunlight, as it releases its oils in the morning.


Another ancient herb that has a long history of being used as a ward-off for witches and diseases. Its Latin name is graveolens, which means “strong, offensive scent.”

This herb has a powerful musty aroma that repels cats and dogs.

It is a great choice for a garden because it can be dried and placed in a bag. While Rue may have a strong scent, it is not toxic to humans and pets.


If you want to add a citrus scent to your garden, try mint. This herb has a nice fragrance and is great for smelling teas.

It grows well in sunny climates and requires six hours of sunlight. It’s very easy to grow and requires a little bit of water. Whether you use it for cooking, or for making tea, it’s worth considering.


This is one of our favorites. This aromatic herb has a relaxing, fragrant fragrance.


Anise is a common herb. The leaves make a refreshing tea.

Anise also has an ornamental value. It is a versatile plant that does well in both the kitchen and the garden.


It’s an herb that’s easy to grow and is very fragrant. It’s also great for making teas. Adding it to your garden will make it smell fresh.

The herb is fragrant. Its aroma will enhance the atmosphere of your garden.

Herbs are best planted in a sunny place that gets ample sunlight. However, some aromatic herbs will tolerate part shade.

The Mediterranean region has many types of scented herbs that can tolerate partial shade.

A scented herb in a sunny area can attract bees and repel insects.

Some scented herbs are even attractive to bees and other insects.

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