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Types of Dill – Fernleaf Vs Mammoth



types of dill

Types of Dill – Fernleaf Vs Mammoth

There are many different types of dill. The Mammoth, or Long Island, grows to five feet tall and is the most popular variety for pickling. Fernleaf is taller and has a tangier flavor, but is not so good for pickling. It grows 18 inches tall and is a favorite for fresh cooking. It is slow to set seed and doesn’t grow as large as Mammoth.

Long Island Mammoth dill, also known as Elephant dill, is the largest type. Its leaves are arching and flower earlier than other dill varieties. Dukat dill is the tallest of all dill plants. Its flowers are purple-purple and bloom in late spring or early summer. It can grow to three feet tall. All of the different types have different uses and characteristics.

Compost dill is a tall, slender variety that grows to about 18 inches tall. This is a great choice for a small herb garden or to grow indoors. The leaves are more fragrant and hold the dill flavor longer than the other varieties. Petite dill seeds can be planted in late spring or early summer and are ready for harvest in ninety to a hundred days.

Fern leaf dill is a very fast-growing, but not so tall variety. It grows in a compact container and is not easily transplanted. It is often preferred for salads due to its bright green leaves and can be grown in a container. It is a late flowering plant and is enormous before it matures. This variety should be kept out of direct sunlight, though, as it will burn its leaves.

Dill is a widely used spice and can be easily grown from seeds. It is very easy to grow in a container and is suitable for picking leaves and seeds. It is also very hardy and is resistant to light frost and grows quickly. The most common types of dill are Superdukat, Bouquet, and Dill. Some of these are best for use in the kitchen. Some of these are more useful for culinary preparations than others.

The Long Island Mammoth Dill is an excellent choice for use in pickling. It grows 5 feet tall and is ideal for dill. The Hercules and Vierling varieties are slow to bolt and flower and are more likely to self-seed. However, they all require the same light to thrive and produce a large crop. Fortunately, there are many different varieties of dill. If you are planting the seeds in your garden, you’ll be able to harvest dill.

The plant produces many types of leaf and flower combinations. The Fernleaf is the best variety for floral displays because it grows with feathery foliage. It is also easy to grow in pots and is perfect for sunny balconies. Some dill varieties are not as well suited for a balcony or small space. The most common ones are the green and blue-green varieties. They will produce yellow leaves and are suitable for most confined spaces.