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Using Mason Jars For Your Hydroponic Herb Garden



Using Mason Jars For Your Hydroponic Herb Garden

If you’ve ever thought about using hydroponic mason jars to grow your own plants, you probably have seen pictures of them. But, what are they? Here are a few things to consider before you get started:

Hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants without soil. Instead, they grow in nutritive water. And since there’s no soil, there’s no mess. Besides, hydroponics doesn’t just apply to herbs. Green onions, for example, can be grown in a hydroponic mason jar. You can even grow garlic by using the clove part of the bulb.

Before you start using hydroponic mason jars, you should prepare them. First, you should plant the seeds inside a rockwool cube, ensuring that their roots reach the bottom of the cube. Next, you should prepare your jars for planting by spray painting them black, covering them with tape, and enclosing them in fabric sleeve. Next, transplant your seedlings into the jars.

Before you plant your vegetables and other plants in hydroponic mason jars, make sure you buy a net pot. You can buy these locally for a few dollars. Just make sure you get one that fits the size of your mason jar. Lastly, you can use light-blocking fabric sleeves for your mason jars to avoid algae growth. And while these steps will make your hydroponic mason jars look attractive, they also help you monitor the growth of your plants.

While there are numerous types of plants that can be grown in hydroponic mason jars, some cannot survive without soil. For instance, plants that need to get oxygen from soil can’t be grown in hydroponic mason jars. However, you can grow some plants in hydroponic mason jars, such as cilantro. The key is to choose a size large enough to accommodate the roots of your plant.

Regardless of what plant you want to grow, hydroponic mason jars are a great way to grow herbs and salad greens. Just make sure you buy net pots that are compatible with the size of your mason jars. This way, your plants won’t fall over. And you won’t need to buy expensive equipment or electricity. In addition to that, hydroponic mason jars do not require a pump or any other equipment.

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