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Garden Plants For Summer – The Best Vegetables to Grow in Summer



Garden Plants For Summer – The Best Vegetables to Grow in Summer

The summer months are the perfect time to plant and harvest garden plants. You will find that these flowers, shrubs, and trees do not require constant watering, making them an ideal choice for a busy person’s garden. Here are some low-maintenance options for your summer garden. Listed below are some of our favorites. Read on to discover what these low-maintenance plants need. Here are some tips to help you choose the right type of garden plants for the season.

Dahlias: Dahlias are among the most popular and affordable garden plants for summer colour. These perennials are a perennial favourite with cut flower growers, and they bloom from December to late autumn. Dahlias come in every possible colour and form and will provide your garden with a wonderful display of flowers. They range from saucer-shaped to fimbriated, from single to multicoloured, and from pink to orange and yellow.

Meadow Sage: This perennial shrub is easy to grow and needs well-drained soil. It can grow in full sun to partial shade. It has numerous tiny yellow flowers that attract hoverflies and bees. Deadheading the flowers will encourage more blooming and fruit. This herb is deer-resistant and will last well into the fall and winter. After blooming, this flowering shrub will produce berries, leaves, and other fruits.

Hydrangeas: An old-fashioned perennial shrub, hydrangeas are a great choice for summer gardens. These versatile perennials come in a wide variety of sizes and bloom throughout the season. You can plant a single hydrangea, as a focal point, as a hedging plant, or in a mass along a slope. The flowers are spectacular in dried arrangements and cut bouquets, so consider including several varieties in your garden.

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are excellent garden plants. They flower from July to September and need little maintenance. You can start them indoors or outdoors after the last frost. They require full sun and a fertile, moist soil. They also provide winter food for many birds. Red scabious: A native perennial in the same family as sunflowers, this shrub grows well in any garden soil and tolerates partial shade. Its dark crimson pompom-like flowers are a favorite of bumblebees.

The black-eyed Susan: This classic summer perennial has flowers that will bloom throughout the summer and are suitable for most zones. The ‘Goldsturm’ cultivar has a compact habit and larger flowers. It is best planted near a sedum or feather grass. If you want to add more color to your garden, consider adding a hummingbird-friendly species. This perennial is a favorite of butterflies and bees.

Zinnias: A perennial, zinnias are easy to grow and are ideal for gardens with a sunny location. Their colorful, long-lasting flowers are great for cutting and will bloom all summer long. They are drought-tolerant and can tolerate the heat of summer. They can be grown in any soil type and can be spaced 12 to 24 inches apart. Unlike many other plants, yarrow requires little care, so they are a good choice for a garden.

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