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November Gardening Checklist – Top 10 Gardening Jobs to Do in November



November Gardening Checklist – Top 10 Gardening Jobs to Do in November

If you live in northern zone, you may have a few more things to do in November than in warmer zones. As the cold weather lays everything bare, you can evaluate the architecture of your garden and plan improvements. While the list of tasks will vary from region to region, raking leaves is a necessary task. You can turn the fallen leaves into compost, leaf mold, and mulch, and cover the pile to prevent leaching. These steps will help you to grow healthier plants and avoid diseases that would otherwise infect your garden.

While you may be feeling lazy this month, autumn can be an enchanting time to get gardening. Try to add a splash of colour with some winter-flowering bedding plants. These plants come in a variety of hues, so you can find something to match your preferences. You can also use them to fill up gaps in garden beds, creating full textures and adding a burst of colour. The more vibrant the winter bedding plant, the better.

For bulbs and other annuals, November is the last chance to plant them. If you want to enjoy the bright colors of spring, plant them during this month. In addition, if you are a rose grower, make sure you remove any dead leaves from your shrubs. The dead leaves can cause black spots on your rose, and can hamper its growth. To keep your yard tidy, you can also take care of weeds. Apply a mild weed killer on weeds to keep them under control.

While autumn is a good time to prune, plant a garden in its winter-proof period if it has not yet finished growing. The cold temperatures can lead to a variety of problems, which is why you should be proactive in preparing your yard for winter. A little planning and forethought can help you reap the rewards of hard work and perseverance. Just keep in mind that even in the middle of a cold snap, you’ll be glad you did.

In the fall, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden even more as the cooler weather inspires you to spend more time on it. In addition to planting vegetables and flowers, you can cultivate your lawn and shrubs. You can also grow some herbs and fruits by using soil-based fertilizers. Moreover, you can also plant fruit trees. But be careful when harvesting fruits and vegetables: they are the best time to enjoy the autumnal harvest of your garden.

If you’re in zone 8 or above, the last time to plant your fruits and vegetables is in November. In this zone, planting can be done in the spring, but vegetables should be planted during the fall. In this zone, the frost-proofing of your fruit and vegetables should begin in November. Some of them can be planted in the fall if they’re grown in a covered area. You can also plant flowering bulbs and perennials in this zone.