What Vegetables Can Be Plant in June?

When it comes to growing vegetables in June, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some varieties of tomatoes will need transplants if you live in a colder climate. In warm climates, you can simply start seeds in early spring and plant them in June. Regardless of your choice, the most important task for this month is to water your plants well. You can also harvest the fruits and vegetables to make jam.

Runner beans and cucumbers should be planted in late June. They will need support because they are climbing plants, so use garden canes in wigwam shapes. Runner bean seeds are large enough for children to plant. Once the plants start to grow, you can transplant them directly into your garden or pots. Pick the young pods for fresh vegetables. Remember to pick them when they are young and small to get the most flavor.

You can also plant spinach in June. Although this vegetable is typically a spring crop, it does well in the fall. If you plant your plants in June, you can still harvest them by the end of the season. You can cover them with a cold frame or hoop house to extend their growing season. If you aren’t in a cold climate, you can sow them in June. If you want to harvest them in the fall, you can transplant them to the outdoor garden in September.

Dahlias can be planted in Zones 3-8. They grow well in hot climates, so they’re best suited to southern regions. However, if you live in the South, you can plant them as annuals. Dig them up and store them for next year. All bean varieties grow quickly when the soil temperature is warm enough. Most types are ready to harvest in 35 to 90 days, so you can easily plan your garden for the fall.

Herbs can be planted in June. Sage, oregano, rosemary, and summer savory are excellent choices, and are all perennials, meaning they will grow back year after year. You can also plant melons in June. They are great for cooking and are usually available at the supermarkets. And if you live in a cool climate, you can plant them in the summer and reap them in the fall.

There are a few root vegetables you can plant in June. You can plant these vegetables directly into the ground, but you should wait until the last frost. In high mountain areas, the last frost can occur in mid-June. In these climates, you can plant any hardy plants in June, such as cucumbers, squash, melon, pumpkins, and tomatoes. If you live in a cold climate, it’s best to plant these as seeds, which can be planted in May or June.

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